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Equine Assisted- Wellbeing and Team Building 

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Both Equine and Yoga Assisted learning have proven to be very efficient in supporting clients who suffer from physical pains and discomforts, unhelpful stress and anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma & depression, social-emotional difficulties, and in supporting clients who struggle with creating and maintaining healthy relationships. 

Our Approach

At EquiYoga Byron Bay, we believe in an Experiential & Relational learning approach, in learning by doing and experimenting, rather than by just talking about. Together with each individual we become curious about thought, belief, behaviour and/or movement patterns that limit personal growth. Based on the client's learning goals, each individual gets offered unique learning experiments in a safe and non-judgemental environment. In this way, we want to empower clients to meet their own unique learning goals in a way that feels right, safe and tolerable for them. 

Equine Assisted Learning sessions are outdoors and don't require previous horse experience. Each session is co-created by practitioner, client and the participating horses. 

Yoga Assisted Learning sessions can be offered separate to or together with Equine Assisted Learning sessions, depending on the client's needs, wants and unique learning goals. 

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