Welcome to sugar beach ranch

60 acres of luxurious land, nature and Australian wildlife.

Surrounded by crystal blue ocean, Sugar Beach Ranch offers you a private, picturesque experience


Escape into natures playground

Whale Watching Byron Bay.jpg

The Byron Bay region, on the North Coast of NSW, is one of the best places in the world to observe the yearly migration of humpback whales. Watch them pass by Sugar Beach Ranch from May to November.


Sugar Beach Ranch is home to a number of beautiful horses. The Murphy family have been breeding, training and developing high quality performance horses for over 30 years. They are trained on the sands of the Pacific Ocean here at Sugar Beach Ranch.


Adding to the charm of Sugar Beach Ranch, our property is adjacent to the Richmond River Nature Reserve. Rich with Australian wildlife you will often see these gorgeous residents grazing freely around the land.


The Ballina & Byron Bay coast plays host to pods of  dolphins all year round. In a subtropical region, rich in biodiversity our marine environment is particularly special as the warm waters of the Coral Sea and the cooler waters of the Tasman Sea meet, and so bringing together an incredibly diverse range of marine species.


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