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Releasing pure white doves to mark a memorable occasion has been a tradition passed down for centuries. Spiritually they become your loved one as they are released into the open sky, returning as a symbol of your guardian looking over you. A metaphoric practice to symbolise life and love, and the purity of both. 

Whether you are looking to highlight that pinnacle moment on your wedding day or respectfully commemorate a spirit flying free at a funeral, let the Say It With Doves of Sugar Beach Ranch be that symbolic gesture of commencement and freedom. 

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White Pigeons
Commemorate Something New
Dove Releases


Stevey and her late father used to race pigeons and have since provided a loving home for the talented species to reside. Over time this led to the idea of providing a service that had sustainability and met animal welfare standards for the popular ‘dove releases’.


The birds of Say It With Doves are lovingly looked after and cared for along with all the animals that reside on the ranch. Bred at Sugar Beach Ranch they nestle themselves in their little homes along with their friends and will return home after each release. 

Our white pigeons are of the same breed to the racing pigeons; the skills these birds have in navigating the sky and mapping their way back from release point, whether that be 10’s, or 100’s of kilometres apart, is astonishing. We simply don’t give them enough credit. Making sure they make it home after each release. 

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