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Get out of the office for a day and come down to Sugar Beach Ranch!

Team Wellbeing uses the institutionally recognised base model of Equine Assisted Therapy but as an exciting and immersive opportunity for your team to interact with horses and explore more about themselves, build on relationships and harness skills they may not ever knew they had!


We tailor programs in equine assisted team building to enhance workplace wellness.

Throughout the day you will be interacting with our resident horses. Horses as herd animals live in complex social environments and are in constant communication with each other. This maps out the perfect setting for ground work and team building exercises.


The aim for the individual is to gain the horse’s trust. By observing and working with their intuitive intelligence, they can connect with their own, ultimately resulting in assisting with building confidence and social skills in the participant. ​​For more information about why horses are used for these practices, go to our 'Why Horses' section to learn more.


Equine experiences have proven to provide a unique platform for character building and for individuals to develop on a wide range of qualities such as: 

  • Responsibility

  • Patience

  • Empathy

  • Confidence

  • Problem-Solving

  • Teamwork

  • Resilience

  • Self-discipline

  • Trust

  • Respect

Maxime Willems, our Head facilitator says, ‘Perhaps one of the most commendable aspects of equine assisted learning for team building is its capacity to explore new skills in a meaningful, fun and inclusive way. It transcends job position, gender, age, or physical abilities, accommodating everyone within the team. This inclusivity fosters a sense of unity and equality, further solidifying the team’s cohesion’


“There is nothing else like this. Our team left the day in a euphoric state. The environment, food, coordinators and the horses! Nothing prepared us for what this would be like, and the business and our culture will be benefiting from this for a long time to come”


McGrath Ballina / Byron Bay


We can accommodate 6 - 15 participants for any of the following half day programs,

or explore our add-ons to customise a full day experience.


In addition to Equine Wellbeing and our ranch-lifestyle experiences, you and your team will have full access to our

Salt Deck & Cabana with the 15m resort-style magnesium pool.


Make your team day out extra special by adding on one or many of these services.

(Please note quotes are finalised in bookings).

Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork


Enjoy the start to your day with a 45-minute class that blends yoga, meditation, and breath-work, set against the backdrop of our expansive ranch locations.

60 Minutes

Alfresco Painting


Experience alfresco painting alongside our horses in the paddocks, a unique opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and unleash your creativity.

120 minutes

Beach & Horses Photo


Bring the team to Sugar Beach Ranch for a leisurely stroll on the white sands with our horses. Capture a group photo on the beach to remember the moment.

30 minutes

Extended Location Hire


Require a bit more time? Opt for our Cabana or Salt Deck for your meetings, providing ample space to gather your team for extended collaboration.



We partner with Byron Bay Luxury Transfers for private car services and transport, please advise us if transport to/from the ranch is required.


If you would like to provide your team with accomodation we recommend the following:


Nestled just a 5-minute drive away, the Ballina Beach Nature Resort stands as our nearest retreat, offering an array of luxurious glamping tents for an immersive experience.


If you prefer the comfort of a hotel, the Ramada Hotel in Ballina is an excellent choice. Situated a mere 20-minute drive from the ranch, this upscale hotel provides all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay. Please note: Accessing Ballina requires a short 5-minute ferry ride over the river at Burns Point (costing $7 each way).

For the full Byron Bay luxury experience, Elements of Byron is the perfect place to stay. Only an easy 40-minute drive from the ranch, this award-winning beachfront resort hosts world-class facilities, even featuring an adults only pool, and is situated on the outskirts of Byron Bay's bustling industrial area right on the beach.

. . .

No horse experience is required - we understand that for some, horses present a sense of angst and fear and where this is certainly rational it has been known that these feelings can subside within minutes. Should anyone not wish to participate with the horses they can simply withdraw whenever they choose and our experienced facilitators will guide them through the next steps.


There is also no riding involved in these programs - equine experiences are performed using ground work methods only and offer a safe environment for everyone to take part in. 

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