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2024 retreat dates & spaces available:

May 24th - 26th
June 28th - 30th
September 20th - 22nd

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Nourish your soul this year with our Sweet Retreats, where fun is our ritual and nature is our therapy.

Curated exclusively for women, by women, Sweet Retreats is where joy becomes a ritual and nature serves as our wellness playground. At Sugar Beach Ranch, we pride ourselves in the art of rewilding and share an unwavering passion for enhancing our daily lives alongside our beautiful equine companions.

Retreat Intro

Sugar Beach Ranch is a deep nature immersion, a chance to exhale and to reset. From the equine therapy and alfresco art sessions, to candlelit dinner and fire ceremonies on the beach, it offers a deeply rejuvenating, but also joyous and celebratory experience for anyone craving a reminder of why life is worth living. The quality of the food and the reflective exercises were both exceptional, and Maxime and Stevey are excellent relaxed hosts who pay enormous attention to detail. Full of gratitude for this unique life affirming experience. 

January 2024

My experience of a Sweet Retreat at Sugar Beach Ranch was delicious, inspiring and blissful! Glamping by the ocean on such a beautiful country, connecting with the horses and creative expression in nature, planting trees and tuning in together with a gorgeous group of women here was profound. The facilitation and welcome to the retreat was hearty and helpful, and our meals were exquisite! Dining under the stars with a bonfire and nourishing feast and much laughter, such a delight. And each meal and moment with the sweet retreat has been richly appreciated with fabulous tastes, sights, insights and relaxation. 

January 2024

This is an absolute hidden gem!!! From the moment you arrive, you feel an overwhelming sense of calm and excitement for what this destination offers. The sounds bathe you with waves crashing, blowing palm trees and chickens. Nature surrounds you. This retreat has so much to offer! It will blow away the foodie, the nature junkie, the ocean lover, the artist, the yogi and the person who wants to switch off and rejuvenate completely. This is a must-do for anyone looking for an incredible getaway for any occasion!

Thank you for an experience of a lifetime!

January 2024


Knowing yourself is life's eternal homework. 



Through this retreat our objective is to soften walls and allow growth to transpire; providing you with a take home tool kit to assist in your wellbeing journey. 


Here, in the company of our horses, we extend an opportunity for you to rediscover your true self and make real intentions - forging authentic connections with both yourself and those who share in this transformative experience. 


Our dedicated guidance aims to uncover any barriers that no longer serve you. As a digital detox retreat we confront the stressors embedded in your daily lives, encouraging guests to detach from mindless scrolling and unproductive social habits that beg for reconsideration, and embrace everything that this magical environment has to offer.

Retreats - Learn More

In this remarkable 3-day retreat we will provide you with structure, meaning and purpose. By the time you bid farewell on the third day, we aim for you to witness tangible progress, starting the transition from the person you were to the person you aspire to be.

In this remarkable 3-day retreat we will provide you with structure, meaning and purpose. By the time you bid farewell on the third day, we aim for you to witness tangible progress, starting the transition from the person you were to the person you aspire to be.



Everyone experiences stress, and for many of us that stress can feel overwhelming. Stress alters the central nervous systems natural ability to maintain homeostasis and an un-regulated nervous system impacts our well-being physically, mentally and emotionally. 

As women inherently connected with horses, we relish the beauty of a simple life—uncomplicated and un-materialistic. But rich in experience.

Our wellness facilitators, Stevey and Maxime, both seasoned equine professionals, will guide you through a three-day grounded workshop aimed at regulating your nervous system. Our retreats honour the interconnectedness of all living things and utilise nature's elements for teaching and healing. We set out to deliver a focus on the little things that matter — with an itinerary meticulously planned around mindfulness and being present. During your stay you will be invited to participate in the following:

Equine Wellbeing*

Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

Alfresco Equine Painting*

Sound Bowl Healing

Regenerative Planting

Dove Releases

Nature Therapy & Ceremonies



We also offer a range of fun activities that will immerse you further into the day-to-day lifestyle of living on a ranch, including; gathering freshly laid chicken eggs, handpicking fruits for morning tea, incorporating sand as natural exfoliants, relaxing by the magneisum pool or simply gazing at horses in a paddock—each moment offers a taste of nature's abundant goodness. 


*(Please note there is no horse riding involved in these retreats)



For the duration of your retreat you will be staying in either your own private tent or a shared tent with your friend.

Private tents come with a queen bed while shared tents come with two single beds. All tents come with their own bedding and guests will be provided with bathroom towels on arrival. 


There is a communal space just a short walk away from the campsite, that comes fully equipped with private showers, toilets, charging stations and hot drink utilities for anytime use during your stay.


In their free time guests can soak up all that Sugar Beach Ranch has to offer. Enjoy unrestricted access to our rejuvenating magnesium pool or take a leisurely stroll to the tranquil beach only a 100m  away from the campgrounds. Immerse yourself in nature on our private trail with lush vegetation or simply relax in your tent and listen to the wildlife roam about you.


Indulge in a culinary experience like no other as we curate an exquisite menu for your stay, featuring gourmet delights crafted by renowned catering partners in the region. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you savor the finest 5-star cuisine, thoughtfully tailored to tantalize your taste buds with a harmonious blend of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Allow us to elevate your daily dining experience, leaving you not only satisfied but also rejuvenated for your wellness journey.

While our initial series of retreats is tailored for women, we are actively working towards creating an all-inclusive series in the future. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and for updates on upcoming retreats please consider signing up to our newsletter


At Sugar Beach Ranch, we are committed to improving our involvement in the community. With the introduction of our Equine Assisted Therapy in 2022 and Team Wellbeing programs in 2023, our passion lies in empowering individuals to reach their wellness objectives and contribute to a sustainable future.


Horses play a central role in everything we do at the ranch, and we believe there is still much wisdom to learn from these magnificent creatures. To delve into the reasons behind our choice to collaborate with horses, click here.


Alternatively, click the following if you would like to get acquainted with Sugar Beach Ranch, the facilitators, and the man behind the dream, Chris ‘CM’ Murphy.


Private (Queen Bed) Tent - $2,599

Shared (Two Single Bed)
Tent - $4698

(Only available to friends wishing to share a tent)

Introductory offer - prices are subject to change

Maximum of 15 guests per retreat. Please select which retreat date you would like to book:




Retreats - Dates & Prices
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