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Retreat Intro

Nourish your soul with our Sweet Retreats,

where fun is our ritual and nature is our therapy.

Curated exclusively for women, by women, Sweet Retreats is where joy becomes a ritual and nature serves as our wellness sanctuary. At Sugar Beach Ranch, we cherish the art of slow living and providing everyone with soul-enriching experiences that go beyond the ordinary. For the first time, we're introducing our exclusive horse retreats, that explore the profound healing power of Equine Wellness.

Knowing yourself is life’s eternal homework so make this the year where you prioritise your well-being.

In this remarkable 3-day retreat you can ground yourself without compromising on luxury. We encourage mindfulness and being present whilst allowing room for play and laughter to flourish. At Sugar Beach Ranch, our commitment to sustainable living encompasses supporting mental as well as spiritual wellness.


Time and again, we've witnessed first hand the calming effects this ocean-front paradise has to offer; enabling people to let go of their worries and find calm. For those in need of a break, our dedicated guidance focuses on regulating your nervous system and identifying barriers that no longer serve you.

Retreats - Secondary


As women inherently connected with horses, we appreciate the beauty of a simple life; uncomplicated and un-materialistic, but also rich in experience.


Incorporating horses in our retreat activities inspires us to remain in the present moment. We honour the interconnectedness of all living beings and harness nature's elements for teaching and healing. Visit our Equine Therapy page to learn more about why horses have so much to offer.

When horses need an energetic reset, I learnt last weekend during equine therapy, they snort and shake their bodies. Well, the launch of their brand new Sweet retreat was a giant body shake and exhale for my nervous system. When I talk about mindful travel, this is what I mean: experiences that centre nature and local community, that nourish humans so we are better resourced in the world, and that leave a light footprint. We spent the weekend receiving equine therapy from the ranch’s gentle horses, painting in the fields with them, doing yoga and journaling. We swam in the ocean, planted trees in their regen forest, had a fire ceremony and candlelit dinner by an incredible local chef. Right beside the sea, and slept in tents beneath the stars. Its a special piece of land, hosted by two very special women, less than an hour drive from Byron. You can, and should, book your spot on the next one!


- Nina Karnikowski 



Guests are invited to a variety of activities while having full access to ranch amenities.

Aside from Equine Wellness and lots of ranch-lifestyle experiences, our signature activities are:

Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork


Wake up refreshed and kickstart your day with a 45-minute class that blends yoga, meditation, and breathwork, set against the backdrop of our expansive ranch locations.

Fire Ceremony


In the warm glow of embers, we discover renewal, and as flames dance, our auras are refreshed. Purified by the elemental magic of the great outdoors.

Alfresco Painting


Experience alfresco painting alongside our horses in the paddocks, a unique opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and unleash your creativity.

Intention Writing


Intentional writing therapy harnesses the power of writing to explore emotions, clarify thoughts, and promote healing.

Sound Bowl Healing


Sound bowl healing uses resonating bowls to promote relaxation and inner balance through sound vibrations.

Forest Regeneration


Our slow living philosophy is a deliberate act of investing time and energy in nurturing the growth of baby tree saplings.



Experience our renowned nature-immersion therapy, enriched with eco-friendly natural oils and salts. This rejuvenating skin detox nourishes and gently exfoliates for a revitalizing experience.

Dove Releases


The magic of dove releases symbolises peace, love, and new beginnings, creating a memorable and touching moment.


Get back to nature in luxury glamping tents

Stay in your own private tent just steps away from the beach and communal areas (complete with private bathrooms). Each tent is fully equipped with bedding and essential amenities. For those travelling with friends, we offer shared tents, each with two single beds. Our private tents feature a queen bed for added comfort.

Luxury Glamping


Private (Queen Bed) Tent - $2,599
(Introductory offer - prices are subject to change)

Shared (Two Single Bed) Tent - $4698
(Only available to friends wishing to share a tent)


Please select which retreat date you would like to book:

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd, September 2024 

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th, October 2024

(Maximum of 15 guests per retreat)

Join our VIP list for new dates and Sweet Retreat news and offers...

Retreats - Dates & Prices


While our initial series of retreats is tailored for women, we are actively working towards creating an all-inclusive series in the future. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and for updates on upcoming retreats please consider signing up to our newsletter

Please note there is no horse riding involved in these retreats

At Sugar Beach Ranch, we are committed to improving our involvement in the community. With the introduction of our Equine Assisted Therapy in 2022 and Team Wellbeing programs in 2023, our passion lies in empowering individuals to reach their wellness objectives and contribute to a sustainable future.


Horses play a central role in everything we do at the ranch, and we believe there is still much wisdom to learn from these magnificent creatures. To delve into the reasons behind our choice to collaborate with horses, click here.


Alternatively, click the following if you would like to get acquainted with Sugar Beach Ranch, the facilitators, and the man behind the dream, Chris ‘CM’ Murphy.

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