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Dancing With The Stars Northern Rivers

Saturday 24th October 2023

Stevey Arena Takes The Stage

Stevey danced her little heart out on Saturday night for Dancing With The Stars Northern Rivers edition for her late father Christopher Murphy and with the efforts of the other participants help raise monies and awareness for the Cancer Councils ongoing campaign against cancer. 

Friends and family rallied to support Stevey and other performers last Saturday night, putting on a spectacle for cancer awareness at the Byron Bay Theatre and raised a whopping $60,000 for the cause. Dancing for her father, who sadly passed away in January 2021, she wishes to keep his legendary memory alive and draw as much awareness and support for those also affected by the disease;


“I am dancing for him, and dancing for me… it’s part of my healing process".

"The Highest Fundraiser trophy went to Stevey Arena from Sugar Beach Ranch Ballina, and her teacher Briony Guest from Byron Ballet School who performed a very moving lyrical jazz dance. Stevey’s incredible fundraising efforts – was a super impressive $7,350 for the Cancer Council.", Byron Bay Echo

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