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May Sweet Retreat

June 19th 2024

The May retreat was a magical weekend, graced with wintery blues and seasonal blessings that created a stunning backdrop at Sugar Beach Ranch. We welcomed new faces, including Pip from Pip’s Plate, who served delicious and hearty dinners that our guests could not get enough of, and Robyn from Humane Yoga, who performed a mesmerising crystal sound bowl session on our newly opened salt deck. This new feature allowed guests to embrace an aura reading and unwind to the soothing tones of the sound bowl, surrounded by nature and our horses.


We thoroughly enjoy hosting our Sweet Retreats and have begun the important task of incorporating guest feedback. Listening intently, its palpable the transformation our guests experience over just one weekend here. Seeing firsthand the joy and emotional uplift from day one to day three is remarkable, showcasing the powerful impact this environment has to offer. The evolution of activities ensures guests always have a purpose and are fully engaged, though some choose to sit back entirely and soak up the ambiance for their own enjoyment. 


Although we are still in the early stages, the passion, experience, and simplicity of Sweet Retreats are its true triumphs.


And now, with the bees in hibernation, the horses rugged up, and the fauna embracing the nourishing chill, we too are settling in for the winter, watching the whales and gearing up to return invigorated for the September and October Sweet Retreats!


Enjoy our top picks and see what our recent guests have to say, and don't forget to BOOK soon as spaces will begin to fill!




"I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Sweet Retreat at Sugar Beach Ranch, and it was an experience I will never forget. From the moment I arrived, I was surrounded by a fantastic group of individuals, and together we delved into all the enriching experiences that Sugar Beach Ranch has to offer. Whether it was exploring the beautiful surroundings, participating in engaging activities, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the ranch, every moment was truly special."


Anon, May Retreat 2024




Read the latest article in Time Out Sydney, 'Make friends with horses at this magical wellness retreat near Byron Bay', by Winnie Stubbs


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