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Sunset Sips

September 2023

Sponsored by Katrina Beohm Real Estate & Partnered with Sourdough Business Women

Thank you for supporting, contributing and sharing with us. We had an amazing evening and hope you did as well.


Both Sourdough Business Women and Sourdough Business Pathways are built upon our wonderful community and it was a joy to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a team over the years. The dedication, contribution and support provided by our wonderful SBW Committee members and mentors have been key to our success. 

Our 2nd annual Sunset sips event was a sell out…. It was a fabulous evening where we celebrated the amazing business women in our community. 

In particular, we would not have been able to pull this wonderful event together without an immense amount of support from the business community - queue long list!

Our event sponsors:

Our event suppliers:

Our event collaborators:

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